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Great Job by Lora and Bill

Kamps Propane
Last updated 4 years ago

  • on customer e-mail
  • Hi Kevin,


    Thanks for your time on the phone yesterday.  This is to follow-up that conversation, at my insistence.


    I just moved in La Honda and am a new customer of Kamp’s having had propane other times in my life.  When I realized on Sunday September 15 that there was no connection between the tank and my new home, I called Kamp’s late in the day from out-of-town on Monday, and was directed to Lora Brazil.  She got back to me early the next day and vowed to help me get hot water so that I could take a shower after I got back on Wednesday the 18th.  We had several conversations and I felt confident that I would have hot water on Thursday.


    I got back on Wednesday morning and Bill Smith (I think that’s the correct spelling) was your service technician. He called to confirm what Lora had told me, before coming out in his pre-set time window on Thursday and once more when he had to reschedule to later in the day.  When he got here, he dutifully went about his business of connecting and testing the tank and its gear.  After that he went through the 3 appliances in my home making sure they worked before he would leave.  His determination, persistence and professionalism were amazing to me.  I’ve been around propane and know that I would never have gotten at least one of these appliances working.  And yet, doggedly, Bill did.  He took a lot of the stress out of moving in, saved a few hundred dollars for me to get an HVAC contractor to get the space heater up and running, and made me feel like the tank and overall installation is safe


    I just think that you should know that you have two great employees, Bill Smith and Lora Brazil, who help make Kamp’s outstanding as a consumer service organization.  They have impressed me about what kind of company Kamp’s is.  So I say “5 Stars”.  I think you’re lucky to have them, and if my assessment is right, they’re probably happy to work with Kamp’s.


    Thanks to Bill, Lora and Kamp’s for helping get me started on the right foot in my new home.

    And by the way, I don’t write these kinds of letters very often.  You guys just really impressed me.  I like companies like yours.  There should be more of them.


    Best regards,


    Steve Rozett

    Steve Rozett

"The sign of a good company is people dealing with customers" - from Jim & Ginger Taylor

Kamps Propane
Last updated 4 years ago

  • on customer e-mail
  • Shannon –

    When I called a few months ago – your attitude and information was the reason I decided to work with Kamps. Patient, informative and accommodating.

    Thanks Shannon.


    Then of course the rubber needs to hit the road – Service.


    Shannon put me in touch with the Service team and we arranged replace and move our tank.


    Mike and Chris helped relocate the tank and provided tips and information on our use, appliances and anything else we would need to know.

    More than we could have expected.

    90% of a company’s reputation is based on the people who interact with customers.  Kamps has a great team


    Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to a great relationship.


    Thanks Again

    The Taylors

    Jim & Ginger

    Jim Taylor

"Please know I really enjoyed Matt's customer service"

Kamps Propane
Last updated 5 years ago

  • on Kamps Propane Customer Review
  • I would like to take this opportunity to relay my thoughts on this wonderful man.  Commendation to Driver Matt Spoto.

    On February 26, 2013, at 09:00 a.m., Matt filled my propane tank.  As usual per all of your drivers, I am never disappointed with the service.  But, Matt, took the time to ease my conscience with respect to my animal shelter.  I had asked if there were any notations on my address that could possibly be unfavorable.  He said no.  In fact, he was aware that my ranch is a shelter for elder dogs.  He also, shared with me that the notes said to call first and that I housed many senior animals.  That was so comforting that Matt took the time to speak with  me.

    When you folks call before coming to the ranch, it makes our contact so easy.  It is this kind of coordination that spirited my need to drop Kamps Propane a thank you note.   Your company really work with our needs.  You then hire men like Matt who make the job seem effortless in his need to provide supreme customer service.  As a retired, Police Detective of 25 years of service, I must tell you, comments of pleasing remarks are few and far between and they should never fall short from reaching "the corner office".    As a matter of fact, I hope you forward this note to such persons.  

    Please know I really enjoyed Matt's customer service, I pray he is my permanent route driver and I thank you for keeping my home warm for these merry band of elder dogs. 

    Most Respectfully your faithful client,

    Mitch Prefach - President/Ceo - Precious Den's Animals Shelter, Inc.

"Your Crew"

Kamps Propane
Last updated 5 years ago

  • on Kamps Propane Email Review
  • Just wanted you to know that Shaun and Larry are the best. If more companies had staff this,cordial as well as competent, we would all benefit! 

    Donna H. and Kevin B.

"We appreciate you working us in to your schedule when you were short handed."

Kamps Propane
Last updated 5 years ago

  • on Kamps Propane Customer Review
  • Thank you so much (& thank John) for getting us set up with our new tank on Monday. We were very close to being out in our old tank, and I had my elderly Mother staying with us, so we had to keep the house warm. We appreciate you working us in to your schedule when you were short handed. And your driver Josh was very professional and thorough. 
    Dennis H.

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