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    Kamps Propane Autogas Vehicles Bring Lower Emissions and Fuel Cost Savings to Sacramento

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The Green California Summit in Sacramento was a showcase for alternative energy vehicles that are reducing emissions for fleet operators around California.

    The Roush CleanTech propane autogas fuel system in the Kamps Propane Ford E250 service van was on display for the fleet managers who attended the event. The system can be purchased in a new van at Big Valley Ford in Modesto or installed by the aftermarket fuel system experts at Transfer Flow in Chico.

    Propane autogas is the most reliable solution for fleet operators who need to cut emissions while saving money. The Roush CleanTech fuel system is a proven alternative to gasoline-powered trucks and vans. The lower emissions and lower cost of propane autogas are much easier to achieve for businesses that rely on service fleets. 

    Visitors to the Green California Summit had the opportunity to speak with two of our managers and see one of our Roush CleanTech E250 service vans. We offer propane autogas fueling at our offices and provide propane autogas fuel station installation for fleet owners around California. For more information, customers can go to this page on the Kamps Propane website.



    Propane Autogas Vehicle Conversion Process at Transfer Flow in Chico CA

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Businesses in the Sacramento area are beginning to capture the economic and environmental benefits of propane autogas as a vehicle fuel. One of the great advantages of propane autogas in the Sacramento Valley is the nearby location of Transfer Flow, Inc in Chico CA.

    For business owners with existing fleets of Ford trucks and vans, Transfer Flow is the ideal solution for propane autogas conversion. Transfer Flow is the leading provider of propane autogas fuel system installation in California. In addition, they maintain a service team to keep their customer's vehicles on the road where they belong.

    Transfer Flow Inc. is a private company that builds aftermarket fuel tanks for a variety of vehicles. They are authorized installers of the Roush CleanTech propane autogas fuel system for Ford F250-F650 series trucks. These Ford trucks are ideal for propane autogas conversion because they typically last for years so the benefits of lower fuel cost pay off beautifully.

    Transfer Flow makes the job easy for the customer with onsite design, manufacturing, installation and service departments for their various systems. Their experience with Roush led them to become a part of the CleanTech autogas installation network. You can learn more about Transfer Flow Inc. by following this link.

    Irrigation Solutions for the 21st Century - Origin Engines for Irrigation Pumps Powered by Clean-Burning Propane

    Last updated 4 years ago

    California farmers are scrambling to identify their best options for irrigation solutions and water sources. There are some very exciting new technologies emerging and the companies that offer these solutions had them on display at the 2014 World Ag Expo in Tulare.

    Irrigation pump engines are one of the areas where new technology is offering farmers relief from the high cost and emissions of old diesel engines. Diesel fuel emissions are a big problem in California's Central Valley - that makes clean-burning propane an important alternative. With lower maintenance costs and easy access to fuel storage solutions the propane engine from Origin is arriving at the right place and at the right time!

    Like domestic propane autogas, Origin Engines are produced in the United States. The engines were designed for agricultural and industrial applications so they are well-suited for the ag irrigation market in California.

    Combine a robust propane storage system with a reliable propane-powered irrigation engine and the only thing you'll need is a terrific, local, California-based propane supplier. We'll be honored to serve you!


    Before the wine comes the juice. Before the juice comes the water. Before the water? The Propane Delivery!

    Last updated 4 years ago

    One of the fastest growing segments of California's agricultural economy is grape cultivation. From the San Joaquin Valley up the Golden Chain Highway and over to the Northern Coast, new grape vines are being planted every season. The world can't get enough of California's wine and our vineyards are expanding in spite of our severe drought.

    Grape growers know that there are 3 crucial periods in the development of a crop when irrigation can make or break the fruit. In a severe drought period, cutting back on water use requires careful attention to soil moisture levels. Modern drip irrigation systems allow vineyards to keep their vines healthy while substantially reducing water consumption. From flowering, to ripening on through post-harvest, each step can be carefully managed to achieve exceptional quality while minimizing water use.

    Another tool that has become popular for grape growers involves the irrigation pump systems in vineyards. Historically these pumps were powered by large diesel engines that provided reliable service but with high exhaust emissions. Recent innovations have increased the use of propane-powered engines to maintain the reliable service but with drastic reductions in emissions and fuel expenses. 

    Kamps Propane has been a partner to grape growers for decades. Our offices in Pioneer, Sonora, Manteca, Delhi, Dinuba and Hayward all deliver propane to vineyards and wineries around California. If you are a grower or winemaker and you need consultative help with your irrigation options, please give one of our local offices a call. You can reach us at (888) 527-7701.

    It's Almost April - Time To Sign Up For E-Z Saver Budget Payments - Don't Forget!

    Last updated 4 years ago

    If there is one thing that everyone knows about the energy business, it's that the law of supply and demand drives the cost of fuel. 

    Propane, gas and heating oil are all pretty much the same when it comes to winter and pricing. The coldest days of the year drive the highest prices of the year when it comes to home heating. 

    Our E-Z Saver budget payment plan is your ticket to a better financial place. Sign up during April-June and we'll set you up with a fixed monthly payment. Half-way through the year we'll true-up your consumption and adjust your payment (down or up) to keep you on track.

    The beauty of E-Z Saver is in the post-holiday season when you get a nice, small gas bill instead of a typical winter bill. It makes a ton of sense to pay in equal installments - call us today for more information about signing up for Kamps Propane E-Z Saver!

    (888) 526-7701 - call Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. 

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