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The True Cost of Owning Your Residential Propane Tank - Read Carefully BEFORE You Purchase a Propane Container

Last updated 3 years ago

There are some questions that we answer every day. "What's the price of gas?" "When is my next delivery" "How does the SMART system work?"

"What does it cost to buy a propane tank?" is one of those every day questions.

The answer depends on the size and type of tank. What does not depend on the size and type is the consequence of buying a tank. Here are a couple of really important points to consider before you decide to buy your residential propane storage container.

  • Verify your propane tank warranty coverage - it matters. Check the fine print to be certain that the propane container you are purchasing is covered under the manufacturers warranty. Some propane tank warranties extend only to the original purchaser so if you buy a used tank or from a distributor, you may not be covered.
  • Call your homeowners insurance carrier before you buy. Some carriers may require an additional premium or documentation. Make that phone call BEFORE you write that check or you may find a hidden cost after it's too late.
  • You will still need professional installation. The installation of propane containers must follow strict guidelines for location and protection from extreme weather, flooding and earthquakes. Don't overlook the cost of shipping and professional installation.
  • Plan on preventative maintenance - your tank will require maintenance (to prevent corrosion) and you may need repair service if something malfunctions. Don't ignore the cost of keeping your tank in proper working order.
  • No matter who owns the tank, all codes still apply. Buying a tank is not a bypass around the applicable local, state and national code requirements related to tank installation, tank placement or tank maintenance.

There are companies that sell new and used propane tanks with little regard for the long-term satisfaction of the buyer. Buying a propane container is a decision that requires some genuine investigation to determine if it makes sense.

The majority of our customers choose the convenience of renting their residential propane tank as a part of their propane service. They get propane tank installation, propane delivery and all necessary propane tank maintenance as a comprehensive service.

If you are considering a propane tank purchase, contact us at 888-526-7701 for information about installation, maintenance and repair services. We're happy to help you figure out which direction makes the most sense for you. Either way, we want you to be safe!


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