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Keep Your Holidays Safe - Remember Your Propane Safety Tips When Frying A Turkey!

Last updated 4 years ago

We're awfully proud of the Kamps Propane employees who serve as volunteer firefighters and first responders in the communities where they live. These heroic individuals regularly rush to the aid of people when accidents occur. On their behalf, please remember these simple safety tips for frying your Thanksgiving turkey.

  1. Be careful to set up your fryer properly. These devices need to be set up on a level, stable surface. Remember that you'll increasing the weight of the device when you add the oil and then the turkey so avoid soft ground or any slope for your burner location.
  2. Carefully measure the amount of oil for your fryer. You can pre-determine the proper amount by placing your turkey into the fryer and then filling it to the proper height with water. Remove the turkey and then measure the amount of water - that's how much oil you will need. If you overfill the fryer with oil you will instantly spill hot oil when you try to add your turkey.
  3. Use a thermometer! Oil is combustible when it overheats and you need to be certain that you are cooking at the right temperature. Use a long-stem thermometer designed for your fryer and check it frequently while your oil is on the active burner.
  4. Fry Dry! Dry your turkey completely before you place it in the hot fryer. Drops of water or pieces of ice on your turkey will instantly splatter when they contact the hot oil. Dry your turkey inside and out before you place it in the hot fryer.
  5. Fry your turkey in a safe place - avoid areas where people will be congregating or areas where people need to pass through..
  6. Keep children away from the turkey fryer - do not allow kids near the fryer, at any time, for any reason.
  7. Use extreme caution when putting the turkey in & taking the turkey out of the fryer. This is the moment when many accidents occur - lower the turkey into the oil slowly and remove it carefully to avoid spilling hot oil.
  8. Allow your oil to cool when you are done. It will take awhile but you don't want to do anything with the oil until it cools to room temperature.

We want you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and we wish for you all of the blessings that mark this special day. Gather your family, give thanks for your good fortune and enjoy your turkey! Adding a nap on the back side of the day doesn't hurt. No matter what, be safe, be happy and be thankful.


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