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The Benefits Propane Offers over Other Energy Sources

Last updated 5 years ago

Propane gas, also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, is an excellent alternative energy source that offers a number of benefits over diesel, electricity, and other energy sources. By selecting propane appliances, individuals and businesses can cut energy costs, improve safety, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Keep reading for a more detailed look at these benefits:

Lower Costs

Compared with other fuels, propane is exceptionally efficient and clean-burning. Burning oil or natural gas often leads to residue buildup that can reduce a system’s efficiency. When propane burns, it leaves little contamination behind. Since clean parts last longer, this can translate into savings on maintenance and repairs. Many appliances, including lawn mowers and stoves, run smoother when powered by clean-burning propane. When you consider cost vs. total energy output, you’ll find that propane is less expensive than most other common fuel sources.

Improved Safety

Propane is one of the safer energy sources. It isn't toxic, which means it won’t threaten soil or water in the event of a leak. Since propane is naturally odorless, a special odorant is added for easy leak detection. When it leaks from its storage tank, propane becomes a gas and harmlessly dissipates into the air. Leaked oil, on the other hand, can devastate an environment. Though propane has a few risks, you can mitigate these risks with help from an experienced propane provider.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved propane gas as a clean alternative fuel. Propane-powered vehicles and appliances produce fewer greenhouse gases than their gasoline-powered counterparts. For instance, switching from ordinary gasoline to propane gas for lawn equipment or a commercial vehicle fleet can result in a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Given these and other benefits, it's not surprising that propane gas is widely used for agricultural, industrial, residential, and commercial purposes throughout the U.S. If you’re looking for a propane company based in the Manteca area, call Kamps Propane at (209) 823-7641. We provide our clients with appliance installation, propane refills, and many other services.     


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