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What You Need to Know About the SMART System

Last updated 5 years ago

The SMART System is designed to provide added safety and performance to your propane tank system. It monitors propane levels and temperatures automatically, 24 hours a day, and notifies Kamps Propane of any problems. Learn more about this useful system below.

How the SMART System Works

The SMART System remotely monitors your propane tank’s fuel levels, usage, and internal temperature. A reader installed on the propane tank reports the percentage of fuel present in the tank back to the SMART display. The SMART display, located inside your home, takes those readings and sends the data to the propane provider.

Operating Power

SMART systems use very little power. When not receiving updates from the Smart Reader, making a phone call, or recording internal tank temperatures, the display is the only feature of the SMART system that is actively using grid power. The SMART Reader, located outside, uses a small solar panel to power itself. The SMART System typically requires less power than it takes to run a small digital alarm clock.

Convenient Reporting

The Smart display is designed to make one phone call a day under normal circumstances. For your convenience, the local call takes place in the middle of the night and lasts less than one minute. Unscheduled calls may be made if the display picks up unusual readings. The display never answers phone calls.

Power Outage Protection

You don’t have to do anything if a disconnection or power failure cuts off power to the SMART display. When power is returned to the system, the SMART system simply resets itself, detects a dial tone, and starts functioning automatically.

System Maintenance

You don’t have to do much of anything as the owner of a SMART System. There are no maintenance requirements for you. If you do notice damage, however, contact Kamps Propane to come take a look. The SMART System is designed to work by itself and automatically contact the appropriate parties if there’s a problem.

Please call Kamps Propane if you have any questions about your SMART system or are interested in one for your propane tank system. Take advantage of this high-tech propane appliance to keep your tank full, safe, and working properly. Call (209) 823-7641 and ask about our five-cent-per-gallon discount. 


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