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Why Propane Grills Are Perfect for the Grilling Gourmet

Last updated 6 years ago

For a true grilling master, there’s nothing like a propane grill.  Read on to learn why:

Better Tasting Food

With a charcoal grill, all the flavors mingle into one dominant taste: Charcoal.  Charcoal is a slow, dirty-burning fuel that will coat everything you cook with its soot.  Some people like the “smoky” flavor of charcoal-cooked foods, but we think that they taste of ash.  Propane grills don’t add any such flavor, which means that your cooking will actually have subtle, nuanced taste.

Enjoy Endless Efficiency

Another primary difference between a propane grill and a charcoal-burning one is efficiency. While your propane grill will remain the same quality machine that you originally purchased, your charcoal-burning grill will get less and less efficient as time goes on.  That’s because propane is clean-burning fuel and won’t muck up your grill’s insides the way charcoal will.  Your propane grill will keep turning out steaks in roughly the same amount of time as it always has; it’s only natural, however, for your charcoal grill to start slowing down as it fills up with dust.

Learn to Love Speed

Propane grills cook quickly, which means that you can more easily cook gourmet meals. Instead of making “grilling out” something you only do on special occasions; you can grill for dinner every fine summer evening, weekday or not.  This will get you out of the house, into nature, and will also mean that you’ll eat a lot of simply-prepared, healthy dishes that maintain their flavor and don’t have to be masked with unhealthy sauces.  It’s a win-win for everyone!


If you’re considering a propane grill for your backyard, then you should consult with Kamps Propane.  Kamps offers propane appliances, services, and refills.  For more information, visit our website or call (209) 823-7641 today.



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